Gentle heavy-metal chelation and detoxification with nano-zeolite spray.

Detox with zeolite

It’s true, I love new stuff. I’m highly enthusiastic about flexing my brains with new ideas that capsize my worldview. Luckily, I’m also blessed with a healthy dose of skepticism and the love of testing theories in practice, which keeps my feet on the ground. That’s exactly why I was cautious when listening to parents […]

How I beat my atopic dermatitis (eczema)

I decided to take the plunge. To be bad to myself. And seriously. The decision came sudden, but firm. Treating myself badly took me a few months, but at last I can present myself in bad condition, bad light, bad focus and everything 🙂 Who in his right mind would look at my presently spotless […]

How to clear up congested sinuses?

When sinuses are seriously congested or completely blocked, the popular techniques of irrigation in standing position will not be of much help and could even not be possible at all. The most effective and probably the cheapest of all techniques is the bat method, which additionally doesn’t require any special equipment, just a dropper bottle […]

Beat viruses with vitamin C!

How to quickly beat viruses at the beginning of an infection? In short: 1. on the first symptoms, take: 1 teaspoon of Anna’s Bee C (1,000 mg vitamin C) every 30 minutes to bowel tolerance; 2. having reached the maximum dose: 1 teaspoon every hour or 1/2 teaspoon every 30 minutes; 3. after all symptoms pass: keep […]

How I regained my sense of smell – forensic pathology in humanity’s service

I was recently shaken by the movie ‘Concussion’ with Will Smith playing an unmoved in his resilience Nigerian pathologist, doctor Bennet Omalu, who changed the history of NFL. I truly recommend it for a good night’s watching. I was pondering how much absolute certainty on the necessity of touching the truth you need to have […]

How to boost your child’s immune system?

Dear Parent of a Sickly Preschooler, I know your pain! I know that feeling when you wake up in the morning, touch your child’s forhead, feel the heat and immediately cross out all your tasks for the week or two. I know what it’s like to reschedule meetings at midnight, hastily text and email people […]

Vitamin C in asthma attack

My asthma is not aggressive. It’s more on the … pretend side. The spirometry results can be better or worse but the actual feeling of tightness happens very rarely to me, especially when I don’t exercise. And if it happens at all, it’s most often due to prolonged stress, like after I come out of […]

Klenner Report: vitamin C in planning and going through pregnancy

Recently, we’ve been receiving more and more enthusiastic reports proving how vitamin C is truly indispensable for the proper fetus development and well-being of the mother. I’m head over heels, with my eyes watery each time I hear more first-hand news supporting dr Klenner’s conclusions, I’ve been relentlessly sharing with all pregnant women around me, […]

MSM – a wonderful cure for all?

Is MSM (organic sulphur) a wonderful cure for all? Well, it’s not, but… Taking into account the fact that sulphur is present in every cell of the body, you can see the results of its deficiency in virtually every body function: aching joints, weakened muscles, bowels on strike, malfunctioning liver, lowered stamina, wattled skin (also […]

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