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How is it that a philologist-photographer joins forces with an engineer-engineer to become an official producer of a syrup?

The answer is simple: four children with immunity disorders.

For many years I have been combing the internet for information, research and studies on methods of improving the everyday life of the sick. I have been talking to doctors, analyzing patients’ stories and testing theories in practice.

It took me a while to accomplish the final formula of my raspberry honey vitamin, but in the end I managed to succeed – the syrup was so tasty and so effective that the regular flu and HFMD or chickenpox did not last longer than three days.

My friends would keep asking me to replenish their supplies, and then I decided that if I hear the phrase “You must start selling it!” one more time, I will go insane!

So here we are, with a new store and a great product that been saving our lives for many years. It’s effective, delicious, tested on humans and on children too ;). It is also absolutely unique, because not a single store offers a similar raw formula and “bioactive supplement”.

We want the ingredients to be of the highest quality, which is why the honey is raw, unstandardized and straight from the hive in the cleanest lake area in Poland, Warmia and Mazury, raspberries are also raw and come from local farmers, and vitamin C and MSM are of course food grade. The entire production process is carried out at low temperature to preserve all vitamins, enzymes and bacteria from honey and raspberries.

What is delivered is thus the same potion that we drink at home and give to our kids. And by the way, our friends still like us.