PBX zeolit detoks metali ciężkich autyzmIt’s true, I love new stuff. I’m highly enthusiastic about flexing my brains with new ideas that capsize my worldview. Luckily, I’m also blessed with a healthy dose of skepticism and the love of testing theories in practice, which keeps my feet on the ground.
That’s exactly why I was cautious when listening to parents of autistic children who claim their communication skills dramatically improved within days of starting a zeolite product. On the one hand, I have no reason to distrust their stories (I always trust parents, they know their children best, as intuition is nothing more than thousands of hours of careful observation forged into a ‘gut feeling’), but on the other, there’s the risk of confirmation bias, because we’re all eager to connect unrelated dots.
Correlation does not equal causation.


Mom of a 3-year-old: Can you get a rash after your Vitamin C syrup ?
Me: You can get a rash after anything, especially if you’re allergic to honey.
MOM: He’s not. We gave him the syrup, because he had a fever and then the rash appeared.
Me: What does it look like?
MOM: Tiny dots on hands and feet.
Me: Let me put it this way – I’ve never heard of a rash post our syrup, but anything can happen. In normal circumstances, I’d suggest taking him off of it, and reintroducing at the same dose after the symptoms cease. If the rash comes back, you’ll know. But in your situation I suspect it’s Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease (HFMD) and you should rather increase the dose to get rid of the virus quickly.

On the next day I received a message that their doctor diagnosed her son with HFMD.

Was there a correlation?
Absolutely! Clear as can be – syrup was administered, rash developed.
Did the syrup cause the rash?
No, it only coincided with its beginning, and suggested the wrong direction of the chain of events, that actually didn’t take place at all.
Can you prevent jumping to false conclusions?
You sometimes can, and you sometimes can’t, because we all seek confirmation of what we currently have in mind.
It’s virtually impossible to be a true scientist in everyday life, in the meaning that you pose a thesis and try to prove it wrong. In real life we don’t have time for such things and such approach is simply not at all helpful.

Back to the subject, I knew we were constantly swimming in a sea of toxins, and that I needed to find an effective way to clean them out without reabsorption. But to claim some tasteless water could do all that?
I wish it was true, but I’d believe it when I tried it out.

In order to conduct a truly scientific ‘study’, I initially planned to test our toxin levels (heavy-metals, Roundup glyphosate) before and after the zeolite. It turned out, however, that such tests are not made in Poland, but are shipped as far as the USA, and the cost for our whole family would be close to $4000.
Without a sponsor, this scientist surrendered, and no sponsor was to be seen on the horizon 🙂
With great regret, I decided to let go of the lab idea and approach the task empirically, which means write down our experiences as they go taking possible pacebo effect into account. So be it. That;s the best I can do under these circumstances. And if mere suggestion with positively influence 6 people at one, that will be something to investigate on its own 🙂

Why did I suspect my family needed heavy-metal detox?
Not taking all past vaccines and other medicines that we carry inside us into account, strange things have been happening to all of us: our 5-year-old is seemingly normally active and forgtful, but I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhat too much, our older daughter is growing slowly, our oldest one isn’t sleeping well, our son has terrible eczema, I can’t put my thoughts straight, while my husbands complaints about his joints regularly.
Sounds chaotic? Oh yes. And maybe none of the above are interconnected. And maybe the whole test makes no sense.
But if in the course of the zeolite test something improves in most of us, we’ll have grounds to cautiously suspect, zeolite had something to do with it.

Which product do I choose?
There are basically two players on the market: Coseva with its synthetic TRS and Touchstone Essentials with their natural PBX.
I chose PBX for its medical research, highest purity, being derived from natural zeolite, having a dramatically smaller zeolite particle and… costing half as much. Enough reasons for me.
To make things even better, Touchstone agreed to let me test their product for 3 months on my large family, not expecting anything in return. I was to perform the test and let them know. That’s it.
Super cool approach.

In the process of detoxing, you bring in zeolite products very slowly, and watch your reactions. If you have headaches, you should increase your water intake and if that doesn’t help, you should decrease the zeolite dose until the headaches subside. Only when you feel better again, can you go back to increasing the dose. Slowly.
The mineral zeolite itself is completely non-toxic, but it ‘catches’ toxic particles into so-called cages, and evacuates them outside of the body without the risk of reentering the pulled-out excess into the cells again. Due to their tiny size, the molecules can cross blood-brain barrier and detoxify all body parts, excluding bones, I think. That’s the theory.

And the pracise looked like this:
Week 1 (2×1 sprays)
I have dreadful headaches, but because I normally drink a lot, increasing water intake makes zero difference.
For 2 days I lie in bed ‘sick’, but with no signs of infection. A vulcano-like pimple pops up on my chin, though I never, ever have pimples.
My daughters are nauseous and have headaches too.
The guys are totally unimpressed.

We’re slowly building up the dose.

Week 3 (2×3 sprays)
My energy levels float, I get nauseous and weak, my general well-being is not consistent. A strange but heavy depression sets in.
My sleepless daughter starts having dreams, which means she sleeps deeper.
Her skin condition improves as well, although this particular improvement I attribute to the evening primrose oil she finally started taking for real.
My super skeptical husband excitedly reports increased mobility in his wrists.

Week 4 (2×3 sprays)
The younger girls fight all the time, act like angry wasps.
Terrible migraines hit me back..
My husband gets nauseous.

Week 5 (2×3 sprays)
My depression continues. I also feel kind of sick, but no infection develops.
The non-growing daughter has strong headaches.
The non-sleeping daughter is strangely sick for a whole week, but also strangely unaffected by our tried-out vitamin C protocole.
My husband feels better and suddenly attributes all the goodness in the world to zeolite, which makes me laugh each time I hear it.

Week 6 (2×3 sprays)
I realize I don’t stutter as much when I speak. At the same time my stomach declares a strike, my cycle stops, and an antique half of a small kindey stone suddenly decides to get out. All Egyptian plagues at once and the depression on top of it.
My husband reports he no longer resurrects from bed in the morning, but simply gets up.

Until the end of the 3rd month (2×3 sprays)
My daughter still sleeps quite well.
The little ones get more civil.
My husband brags about increased energy.
I start falling to sleep easier, earlier and waking up on my own, with lots of dreams at night and such deep sleep that I forget about my beloved CBD oil – I simply don’t need it any longer.
I stutter even less, my thinking gets more organized, and even if I lose the train of thought, I can simply come back to where I got distracted, which used to be only a dream.
The little ones seemingly fight less.
The hyperactive one is seemingly less so (with no specific measurements).
The son is still unimpressed.

And now we need to ask if all the above are related?
Maybe so, maybe not, but these three things I cannot dismiss:
1. improved quality of sleep of my teenager,
2. improved quality of life of my husband,
3. my mind’s return to the state where I could formulate thoughts and present them in an uninterrupted manner, without losing the direction.
And for me this is the biggest WOW effect I didn’t expect, I cannot skip over and never ever want to say goodbye to.

Oh, I forgot! There was another WOW effect in me!
After 3 weeks of the zeolite treatment, so still in the early phase, my osteopath, whom I’ve been regularly visiting for the last 2 years, suddenly said: ‘I don’t know what’s going on, but your internal abdomen structure has never been so relaxed’. He reconfirmed this effect every time I visited later on, which is every 3 weeks. The tenseness went away pretty quickly, in a very obvious fashion to his fingers, and permanently, so it seems.
In addition, my side-mouth muscle stiffness, which I’d noticed on recordings 3 years ago, visibly diminished too. Have a look at me on the latest recordings to see the difference for proof.





This is what it looked in the spring of 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NlQLcj384do&list=PLSD9NaQiRBV-RC1SqFsOMQeOXvkfj3Ja7&index=5.
I was watching the recording and realized my mouth looked funny.
The upper-left part of the muscles was hardly moving, jaw was clenched, and I had to make effort to sound comprehensible.
I didn’t know I had a problem before I saw myself back then.
As soon as I find a comprehensive solution for my bruxism, I will definitely write about it, but zeolite could be a part of it, as heavy-metal poisoning is a known cause of muscle stiffness. It’s not something I didn’t know before, but I somehow didn’t expect this loosening to happen.

I still regret not having done the tests properly, because I think we’d have it all in black and white, as I like it. But then I listened to an interview by Touchstone’s founder, and what did he say? That we’re immersed in the ocean of toxins and any type of testing has only a temporary truth to it. After a short while the toxic level can be high again, because the supply of environmental toxins is never-ending, so the results are temporarily accurate at best.
Maybe then my notes were not such a terrible idea?

Anyhow, I want to use the product on a daily basis, because not a day goes by without me being in awe of the improved function of my brain 🙂
The nausea is gone, so are those inexplicable ‘colds’. Our kids are eager to get their sprays, and even walk around the house to administer them to all family members, as a fun chore. We still might increase the dose, but even at the current level the effects are highly satisfying.
Oh, and the slowly-growing daughter started to eat. A lot 🙂

We just finished our 6th bottle and I’m getting ready to order a supply for a few more months.
I was afraid, at first, that it would end up being big bucks down the drain, but each of us used one bottle worth $79. So in essence that is the cost of a 3-month treatment for one person, if I’m calculating correctly. And, obviously, over $400 is a serious expense for a large family like ours, but if you only have one child which needs to get better, it’s definitely worth giving 2-3 bottles a try.

I’m also convinced we need such a product on the Polish market, that’s why I encourage those who are interested in trying it out, to make their purchase through https://annabee.thegoodinside.com/shop/product/pure-body-extra-strength/ and using the 5% discount code AnnaBee5
By the number of orders we will see if there’s any sense of registering the product locally and organizing official import (which takes time), etc. If not, individual purchases are still convenient enough. As far as I know, they ship them from England, so it only takes a few days to receive the order, so even if makes no sense for us to offer it in our store locally, it’s fine to buy it  from Touchstone directly. The benefits could be immense.

Summing up…
I realize the report above might look slightly hectic and be of little help to someone seeking tried methods, but I urge you to research the topic of zeolite on your own. Those stories of autistic children’s improvement are mind-blowing, but there are also iridology groups, where people post their before and after zeolite retina photos, and the results are staggering – after a few months of nano-zeolite treatment the eye colour simply clears up and gets more… colorful. Fascinating. And hard to put into the ‘placebo’ box as well. I regret not having photographed our irises before…
What if we lick some mercury now and try it all over again…? 🙂
Maybe not, but I love experimenting!

I also had a chance to test Touchstone’s mint-flavored CBD oil and it’s the best hemp product I have ever tried.
I’ll write n detail about how CBD saved my life in another post, but I highly recommend it even now.

And one more thing – in order to at least partially prevent us from ingesting toxins on a daily basis, we’ve just installed a seemingly perfect water filter, and I will definitely write about it soon. Just let me do some testing. I like testing 🙂

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  1. paula says:

    Hi Annabee,
    How areyou now ? you still taking zeolite PBX ?
    ive been poorly for 2 years and now starting PBX, been on it nearly 2 weeks but nothing to tell as yet x

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