Is MSM (organic sulphur) a wonderful cure for all? Well, it’s not, but…

Taking into account the fact that sulphur is present in every cell of the body, you can see the results of its deficiency in virtually every body function: aching joints, weakened muscles, bowels on strike, malfunctioning liver, lowered stamina, wattled skin (also psoriasis), brittle hair, breakable nails, bad mood, anxiety, neurosis…
A typical adult’s body contains about 100 g of sulphur, making it the fifth most common macronutrient.
Sulphur builds proteins and amino acids.
You can’t stress enough how utterly important it is for proper, healthy body function.

In a world of sulphur being almost everpresent in the soil around the globe, why is it that anyone should suffer from its deficiency?

The route of organic sulphur in nature
MSM starts its journey in the ocean, where it’s produced by plankton and algae. From there it lifts with vapurs into the atmosphere, travels thousands of miles and falls down to the ground with rain. The largest concentration of MSM is found in plants which experience frequent, heavy rains: tree bark, wild grass, even aloe vera. Why then does research show time and again that it’s almost totally absent in our food?

That’s because we don’t eat vegetables watered by rain nor do we drink grass-fed cow’s milk. Raw milk from a cow fed with dry forage contains at most 10% of sulphur in the grass-fed cow’s milk! To make things even more dramatic, you only need to heat the poor milk so that your MSM becomes only an unfulfilled wish. Same is for fruits and vegetables – if you heat, the ‘almost nothing’ turns into a flat ZERO.
And the problems begin.

Growing pains
When I hear about ‘growing pains’ diagnosed in so many children, as young as 3 years of age, I’m more and more convinced that it’s nothing but a mineral deficiency, with sulphur as the leader!
Grownig pains defined as: muscle pains, leg pains, knee pains, under knee pains, shin pains, awefully painful muscle and tendon tension, inability to bow down…
There are no visible signs of inflammation, no swelling, no redness, and yet children cry with pain, especially in the evenings and can wake up wailing at night.
Who heard about something like this 30 years ago?? I didn’t. Today I’m watching an epidemic.
The suffering kids are prescribed massage, painkillers, steroids and restriction of movement. Steroids and stillness go perfectly well with 2-year olds 🙂
If, on the other hand, the reason for those pains is mineral deficiency, there is indeed a better way. You can help those tikes (an teenagers!) for real by eliminating the cause of their condition.

Spine and joints
Sulphur nourishes joints, rebuilds cartilage, conditions synovial fluid; it conditions the discs, their elasticity and hydration.
If you want to prevent discopathy, you’re trying to reverse it or at least postpone it till old age, not just the weeping forty, you need to take care of proper sulphur levels. For good.
Without its antiinflammatory function, all types of joint pains and stiffness increase. Why would you want that for yourself? 🙂
In arthritic pains you can see the first MSM supplementaion results after about two weeks of increased dose (eg. 6 g/d which equals 2 tablespoons of Anna’s Bee C MSM twice a day).

Neuralgia and chronic pain
An interesting but still yet widely unknown property of MSM is that it blocks pain signals going by through nerve cells. Sulphur is very effective in all kinds of neuralgia and chronic pain, even more effective than painkillers – you just need to wait a while till it kicks (MSM reaches all body cells within 24 hours from ingestion).
MSM visibly reduces pain:
– after accidents and sports injuries,
– in burns,
– in arthritis, reumatism, fibromialgia,
– in carpal tunnel syndrome,
– in repetitive strain injuries (tenis elbow, etc.).

Training and workout
In conjunction with vitamin C, sulphur increases aerobic capacity, that’s why it’s so frequently used in professional sports – they can maximize their results on the one hand and shorten recovery time on the other.
MSM not only boosts energy, but it also helps neutralise lactic acid, which is an obvious reason for muscle soreness.
After just two weeks of taking 2 tablespoons of Anna’s Bee C twice a day, my definitely skeptical husband admitted he had no soreness after his weekly basketball matches. After yet another week he confessed he was less tired while playing. After a full month he started advertising sulphur to his basketball friends 🙂

Allergies (the gut)
MSM is said to seal mucous membranes, which has a double benefit: it helps fight off parasites and… hay fever. By sealing the membranes, sulphur prevents toxins and allergens from entering the bloodstream. It helps create a musous barrier in the nose, throat, eye and ear and thus limits the amount of allergens passing through.

As far as I know, the mechanism of how exactly MSM helps the musous membranes seal has not been explained, but we know that doses of at least 10 grams per day can help get rid of parasites. It is suspected that once you seal the mucous walls, the worms can’t hook in and are simply expelled, thus limiting the size of alien population within. Parasites don’t necessarily have to be exterminated, it’s enough when they are downsized to such numbers with which the organism can deal without undesired symptoms.

The presence of sulphur helps boost levels of immunoglobins (antibodies) – specific proteins of the immune system which protect the body from an invasion, but also help eliminate pathogens, when they’ve already entered the system. In an absolutely mind blowing manner, they track the enemy (viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.), eliminate it, neutralize its toxins, block its ability to enter more cells and remove the remains from the organism.

Oxidative stress
Sulphur has antioxidative properties; it neutralizes free radicals and helps oxidise the whole body, which is necessary in physical and mental effort. It also aids the adrenals, thus making it absolutely irreplaceable in times of stress, also oxidative 😉

It’s hard to detox from heavy metals: mercury (Hg), lead (Pb), arsenic (As), when you’re sulphur deficient.
Sulphur induces bile production and consenquent liver cleansing – it’s crucial to the general body condition.
MSM makes cell membranes more elastic, thus enabling cellular respiration, and is necessary for nutrients to enter cells and metabolites to be removed from them.
If you’re to detox on a cellular level, you musn’t lack sulphur.

Collagen not only builds up cartiledge and tendons, but it’s also responsible for skin elasticity.
MSM oxidizes the skin and so it starts to glow.
They say that a proper amount of sulphur can make your wrinkles shallower, but I haven’t seriously experimented on it yet. Let me work on my wrinkles some more, and then I will. Promise!
Hair is said to grow thicker and faster.

After 3 months of a large dose MSM supplementation, with a full-spectrum of 72 minerals I discovered with shock that my nails grew and didn’t break! I had had long nails one time in my life and that was for my wedding. And those were, of course, artificial! And now I have this ghastly nail polish conundrum. I had to have them painted by a professional, because I didn’t know how 🙂

Eye is basically made of water and collagen. The eye lens is 90% collagen. If you’re sulphur deficient, it might affect your vision.

Blood vessels
MSM slows down the process of arteriosclerosis: it makes the walls impermeabale and flexible due (collagen), it lowers the inflammation (antioxidant), it also lowers blood pressure and acts as an anticoagulant. If you take anti-clotting medication, you need to consult your doctor, before adding larger doses of MSM to your daily diet.

Whatever you’d like to heal, build the dose gradually. Sulphur increases liver cleansing, which can manifest in feeling poorly until your body gets used to increased doses of methylsulfonylmethane. In this detox phase it is imperative that you drink much more water than usual. You also need to keep an eye on yourself: indigestion and/or diarrhea indicate that you’ve reached a point of saturation, from which you can decrease the dose with which to continue.
Both MSM and vitamin C are soluable in water, which means they quickly enter the body and their possible excess gets soon removed from the system. The risk of overdose and harming yourself is extremely low with oral supplements.
The best way to get MSM is in 1:1 proportion with ascorbic acid, as it intensified the oxidation, detoxification, immunization and revitalisation.

More on dosage in specific ailments:


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  1. Wanda niemczyk says:

    I have been taking msm for five years now I don’t need a knee replacement my husband is taking it for cancer with a hormone blocker we are not getting chemo.or radium treatment msm the gift to us we are 75 my parents came from poland

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