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Gentle heavy-metal chelation and detoxification with nano-zeolite spray.

It’s true, I love new stuff. I’m highly enthusiastic about flexing my brains with new [...]


How I beat my atopic dermatitis (eczema)

I decided to take the plunge. To be bad to myself. And seriously. The decision [...]

How to clear up congested sinuses?

When sinuses are seriously congested or completely blocked, the popular techniques of irrigation in standing [...]

Beat viruses with vitamin C!

How to quickly beat viruses at the beginning of an infection? In short: 1. on [...]

How I regained my sense of smell – forensic pathology in humanity’s service

I was recently shaken by the movie ‘Concussion’ with Will Smith playing an unmoved in [...]

How to boost your child’s immune system?

Dear Parent of a Sickly Preschooler, I know your pain! I know that feeling when [...]

Vitamin C in asthma attack

My asthma is not aggressive. It’s more on the … pretend side. The spirometry results [...]


Klenner Report: vitamin C in planning and going through pregnancy

Recently, we’ve been receiving more and more enthusiastic reports proving how vitamin C is truly [...]


MSM – a wonderful cure for all?

Is MSM (organic sulphur) a wonderful cure for all? Well, it’s not, but… Taking into [...]


What’s so extraordinary about Anna’s Bee C syrups?

  You’ve been asking a lot of questions about why we claim Anna’s Bee C [...]

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