How to quickly beat viruses at the beginning of an infection?
In short:
1. on the first symptoms, take: 1 teaspoon of Anna’s Bee C (1,000 mg vitamin C) every 30 minutes to bowel tolerance;
2. having reached the maximum dose: 1 teaspoon every hour or 1/2 teaspoon every 30 minutes;
3. after all symptoms pass: keep the dose moderately high for at least 2-3 days, otherwise the infection might quickly return.

When it comes to small kids (children younger that 12 months should not eat honey) can take half of that dose, but as ofetn as described above. Vitamin C serum level drops by 50% every hour, so in order to keep it optimally high, it’s most effective to keep adding small but frequent doses.

The point of bowel tolerance (sign of serum saturation) depends on the actual condition of the organism and may drastically differ from infection to infection, even in the same person. My stomach can start gurgling after 6 grams one day, and be absolutely still after 16,000 mg with the next infection! You can’t predict that, you can only experiment.

With such an effective counterattack, viruses are usually withdrawing within a day.
When it comes to a more vicious virus than that of common cold (like chickenpox or HFMD) our kids were well after 72 hours. So it’s really worth starting the fight as early as possible and with unshaken relentlessness.

This is the vitamin C syrup our family uses in every infection

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