Anna’s Bee C MSM 500 mg / 5 ml

Organic sulphur (MSM) is an essential element for proper organism function.
Athletes use it in combination with vitamin C to boost their efficiency while training and to speed up regeneration after workout.
Also patients suffering from joint problems take organic sulphur to radically improve their condition, lessen the pain and rebuild malfunctioning joints and cartilage.

Methylsulfonylmethane is a necessary part of healthy diet, but unfortunately it doesn’t reach our plates due to soil-depleting farming practises, food processing and storing. Most residents of hi-tech areas unknowingly suffer from chronic sulphur deficiency, instead they diagnosed with ‘growing pains’, ‘degenerative diseases’, etc.
MSM is not a golden cure for everything, but it’s one of the basic building blocks the body uses to heal itself.

Organic sulphur is a basic nutrient enabling cellular respiration, regeneration and detoxification, but it acts also as a precursor to amino acid function. There are quite a few sulphur-containing amino acids, among others: cysteine, methionine and keratin (hair, nails), elastin (skin), glucosamine and chondroitin (cartilige) responsible for building, regeneration and elasiticity of the connective tissue (collagen: tendons, skin, bones, veins, arteries, mucous membranes, retina).

Proposed dosage
It is best to start saturating the organism with sulphur gradually, beginning with 1,000 mg MSM in the morning and evening (2 teaspoons of the syrup 2 times a day).
In case of serious ailments, you can slowly build the dose up to 12,000 mg/d (4 x 2 tsp / day), but it’s worth knowing that some people do not see a significant improvement under 30,000 mg/d.
In any case, build the maximum dose slowly and carefully not because MSM is toxic (its toxicity is comparable with drinking water), but because it increases detoxification, which in turn can manifest itself in headaches, pains, fatigue, general weakness, rashes, nausea, and diarrhea.

Suggested daily doses of MSM (start at 1 tsp twice a day):
Prophylactic: 1 tbsp / day (1,500 mg MSM + 1,500 mg vit C).
Training/workout (before/after): 2,000 – 3,000 mg (eg. 2 x 1 tbsp)
Joint regeneration: 10,000 mg (eg. 4 x 2 tbsp)
Pain/stiffness of muscles; carpal tunnel, geriatrics: 6,000 mg
Detox: 15,000 mg + hot epsom salt baths / sauna
Antiparasitic: 8,000 – 12,000 mg
Anti-allergic/anti-asthmatic: 3,000 mg vit C + MSM every hour until tightness lessens (max. 50,000 mg/d)
Lupus: 6,000 mg
Restoring proper intestine/stomach function: 1,000 mg MSM + 1,000 mg vit C
Respiratory distress: 1,500 mg

Just a reminder:
1 teaspoon (tsp) of Anna’s Bee C MSM contains 500 mg MSM + 500 mg vit C
1 tablespoon (tbsp) of Anna’s Bee C MSM contains 1,500 mg MSM + 1,500 mg vit C

In the case of MSM, saturation symptoms are identical to those caused by vitamin C: you know you’ve had enough by your stomach or bowel response. You do not want to push your system too hard, so if your digestive tract suggests it’s overloaded, better slow down a bit and wait until you can resume.

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