vitamin c in asthma attack

My asthma is not aggressive. It’s more on the … pretend side. The spirometry results can be better or worse but the actual feeling of tightness happens very rarely to me, especially when I don’t exercise. And if it happens at all, it’s most often due to prolonged stress, like after I come out of the hospital with one of my sick babies.

But recently I encountered a perfect storm. Twice. Lots of stress, sleep deprivation, chaos in my head and so it started.

I haven’t used inhalers for years now, all the beta mimetics in my drawer expired years ago… what could I do to help myself quickly?

Wheezing slightly, I scratch my head and suddenly remember – pretty hazily – that I’d read somewhere how you could reduce chest tightness with a high dose of vitamin C. An asthma attack is in fact huge oxidative stress, while ascorbic acid vacuums free radicals like a machine. That would make sense.
I quickly googled the research, which said that the patients were intravaneously given 50 grams of vitamin c per day.
I don’t have an IV at hand, but my megadose vitamin C syrup? ALWAYS! 🙂

An experiment then!

I decided to start with a shock dose and see how it goes – I’d take 6 grams per hour until bowels can tolerate it no more or until my bronchi surrender and relax.

First dose of 6 grams – nothing changes.
Second dose of 6 grams – still the same.
Third dose of 6 grams -> all gone.

I thought that was interesting, but could still be a coincidence. However, when my stressful lifestyle didn’t change and I suddenly felt difficulty breathing after only 2 weeks I knew what to do -> 2 tablespoons of Anna’s Bee C (6,000 mg vit c) every hour and taking notes: first hour – nothing, second hour – nothing, third hour – nothing, fourth hour – I’m suddenly fine.

Two times could be a little too little for a definite proof, nevertheless for me that’s enough 🙂
Even though I don’t miss them, I gained a trick to do away with asthma attacks with what I have at hand, without poisoning myself.

I absolutely do not encourage you to do dangerous experiments on yourself, but if you have an inhaler at hand, you’re not afraid for your life and would like to try a slower but definitely healthier way to relieve an asthma attack, let me know how it went. I’m dying to know! 😉

According to the paper I read, in order to reach 50 grams a day, it’s enough to take 1 gram (1,000 mg) every 30 minutes: that’s only a teaspoon of Anna’s Bee C, easy. Or you could start with a shock dose of a few grams and watch your reactions – something will come first: either a deep breath or a diarrhea :))))))
In any case – peace of cake!

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4 thoughts on “Vitamin C in asthma attack

  1. MALAIKA WARD says:

    Dziękuję Ci. Nie znam polskiego. używam tłumacza google.

    Przeczytałem twój artykuł o astmie. też mam astmę. właśnie kupiłem dużą torbę witaminy C i uczyłem się, jak jej używać. Jeszcze raz dziękuję za artykuły. Dużo się nauczyłem.
    Jeśli to możliwe, wysyłaj biuletyny w języku angielskim.


    Detroit, Michigan, 🇺🇸

    • annabee says:

      Dear Malaika, I believe you’ve read a post in English 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll finish translating them all, but hats off to your persistence if you actually google-translated them 🙂
      Please, email me with any questions you might have at

  2. Alistair says:

    Thank you for an informative post. I have mild asthma and I have tried increasing my vit c . I hate using my inhalers and I have gone almost a whole year without using them until recently. Vit c does indeed work. I have noticed that since I started taking a higher dose, I have less wheezing at night. I also want to try mega dosing if I feel chest tightness developing.(with my inhalers at hand of course!) I really do hope it will stave off an attack without the inhalers. I really hate using them because they come with so many side effects. Thanks again

    • annabee says:

      You’re very welcome! I hope you get better, but always keep your inhaler at hand, when trying out alternative methods.
      And please try to find Dr. Brownstein’s peroxide formula for nebulizer that he’s been using to fight coronavirus in his patients. They deleted his YT account, but I hope you can find it somewhere. If I remember correctly, he uses it regularly for his asthma.

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