1. Delivery in Poland
• Poczta Polska
• DHL – 17 zł
• pick up in person – 0 zł

2. Delivery in EU – parcels are priced individually, based on their size and weight
• Poczta Polska

Pick up in person
After you receive your order confirmation, you can pick it up in person from Monday to Friday in our store in Wrocław. Just let us know in advance that you’re coming.

Delivery time and conditions
DHL parcels are usually delivered on the next day.  Standard procedure does not require the courier to contact you before your parcel is delivered, though they usualy call anyway. Poczta Polska usually delivers in 48 h.
Should you be unavailable twice, the courier will leave your parcel in DHL store, where it ill wait for you for 14 days. After that, it’ll be delivered back to the sender.

You can localize your parcel anytime via DHL tracking website.